Self-Service Checkout – A Step-By-Step Guide

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Yardaroo Self-Checkout provides a flexible and convenient payment experience for your customers. You can create and print self-service checkout codes and strategically place them throughout your sale ground, allowing for customers to quickly scan and pay without the need for you or a cashier to be present. Your customer does not need a Yardaroo account to pay with their credit/debit card.

You can unlock this feature when you become a Yardaroo Premium member.

Step 1

Log into your Yardaroo account and navigate to the admin screen. Tap the option that says Self-Service Codes.

Step 2

From the Self Checkout admin screen, tap the Create Self-Service Checkout Code button.

Step 3

Self-Service Checkout codes can either be set to an open-ended (customer enters the amount owed during checkout) or a fixed-price code. You can also optionally require and charge sales-tax.

*Tip: leave the amount field blank to create open-ended checkout codes.

Step 4

After your code is created, you’ll see it in your list of active Self-Checkout Codes. Create as many Self-Checkout codes as you wish. When you’re ready to print a code, tap on it to open the printable code.

*Tip: managing Self-Checkout codes is much easier when done in a web browser on your desktop or laptop PC.

Step 5

From the printable Self-Checkout code screen, tap the Print This Screen button. This will begin the printing process.

*Note: you will need access to a printer

Use Cases

Neighborhood sales

Sprawling neighborhood sales can be a lot of fun to shop, but challenging to manage from the ground. Printing, laminating and posting Yardaroo Self-Checkout codes throughout the sale ground can help lower stress for sellers and provide a convenient checkout experience for your customers. Open-ended codes can really shine here, allowing your current customer to enter the amount owed after negotiating a price during checkout while you take care of your next customer.

Estate sales/Tag sales

Estate sales can be BIG. Really big. And the larger the sale, the more challenging it is to manage your checkout process. Adding Yardaroo Self-Checkout codes to your estate sale can be a game-changer, allowing your helpers to spend more time assisting customers and less time cashing them out. Placing fixed-price Self-Checkout codes next to specific items can help move valuable items faster, while open-ended codes will help prevent bottlenecks and mitigate the challenges of staff shortages, long lines and sprawling estates.

Side-of-the-road produce stands

Everyone loves fresh produce! Side-of-the-road fruit and veggie stands, fresh farm eggs, honey and more are readily available throughout the growing seasons. You already accept cash in your cashbox. Why not accept credit/debit cards, too? Create fixed-price codes for specific items, and open-ended codes so customers can tally what the owe and enter an amount during checkout. Print your self-checkout codes, laminate them and tack them to your roadside stand.


Are you selling firewood by the side of the road? You’re already accepting cash, why not accept credit/debit cards, too? Create fixed-price codes for single bundles, multiple bundles, or open-ended codes and let your customer enter the amount owed during checkout. Print your self-checkout codes, laminate them and tack them to your firewood stand.


Adding flexible payment options to your sale is an essential step towards success. Yardaroo Express Checkout provides convenient and simple point-of-sale capabilities to your garage sale, estate sale or pop-up business. With Yardaroo Self-Checkout, you can reduce your time commitment to cashing out customers so you can focus on making deals and increasing sales. Give your customers the ultimate, most convenient self-checkout payment experience available.

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