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Buy and sell locally at private marketplaces near you with Yardaroo!

Add used products to your shopping cart in the app, make offers & pay securely. Pickup locally & keep shopping for deals!

Shop garage sales, estate sales, consignment boutiques & antique shops for unique products & gift ideas.

Find great deals on used gear, rare items, fine art, automotive & more.


Explore, shop & pay at local sales near you!

  • Shop local private marketplaces
  • Add items to a cart, pay securely & pickup
  • Never miss a sale with notifications
  • Add sale events to a route & get directions
  • Securely pay for treasures with your credit card


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Commission per transaction: 8%

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Our Mission

Buying & selling locally can be a lot of work! Finding sales near you, listing your sale in the classifieds and fighting traffic & weather can be more work than it’s worth. Yardaroo is the perfect tool to help shoppers plan their local shopping adventure, while saving sellers loads of time with powerful, easy to use tools. Our goal is to help young, savvy shoppers buy more used products locally to save time & money, all while reducing landfill waste and boosting local economies nationwide. It’s better for everyone when we buy and sell used products locally!

Support local people & businesses!
Reuse, recycle & re-purpose used products!
Have a great time while you explore, shop & experience your local area!

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