Use Yardaroo To Make Deals Around The US

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Make deals securely thru the Yardaroo app throughout the United States (US) and sell more of your stuff, reducing more clutter and making more money.

You spent all of the time and energy setting up for your garage sale. You’re selling items to physical shoppers using Yardaroo Express Checkout and things are going great!

But then the sale slows down and you want to keep selling…

All of sudden, you receive a text notification from Yardaroo. Someone has a question about an item you’re selling and they want to make an offer securely through the app!

You give them the price including shipping. They agree, provide their shipping address and pay securely right in the app!

You package the item, run it to your favorite shipper and you’re done! Snap a picture of the receipt with tracking info on it and upload it in the app. Congratulations, you just made a deal using Yardaroo!

Navigate to the Earnings area of the app to see a breakdown of your transaction. If you opt to collect sales tax, we’ll show you the amount collected. We also include our own transaction fee in the earnings breakdown for full transparency.

Are you ready to get started?

Sign in or create an account to get set up to accept credit card payments in under 5 minutes.

What you’ll need:

  • Your mobile phone
  • Checking account or debit card information
    • We use this information deposit your funds

Want to see the full workflow to set up to accept credit card payments? Click here for a full screen-by-screen walkthrough.


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