Having a garage sale after Labor Day may seem unorthodox to some folks. But things are about to change!

We all know that the best time to have a sale is on any Saturday between 7AM and 5PM… during the summer. But why aren’t there any Holiday Garage Sales? Or Winter Garage Sales? Or Spring Cleaning Garage Sales?

Maybe there are some, sprinkled around here and there. But there’s an outdated sense of seasonality engrained in our collective psyche that holds us back from unlocking the full potential for local, private liquidations in our communities.

You want to have a garage sale when?!

It’s like you can only have a garage sale during the summer and all other seasons are off-limits! That’s crazy!

This type of boxed-in thinking hurts, not helps; especially in these times when lots of folks need to be making and saving more money across the board all year.

People are waking up to new opportunities through technology

There is a lot of opportunity for people who want to sell at garage sales all year as a an additional source of income. And there are buyers who want to shop garage sales all year, too!

Mobile technology is making this possible, allowing people to promote their sales, accept credit card payments and connect with shoppers in real-time.

There’s a strange sense of seasonality engrained in our collective psyche that holds us back…

Yardaroo Self Checkout

Make it easy

Use Yardaroo Self-Checkout to let your customers securely pay with ease!

  1. Print a Self-Checkout code using the app
  2. Tell your customer the price for their items
  3. They scan the code with their phone, enter the amount and pay with their credit card

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Let’s Make The “Any Time Garage Sale” “A Thing…”

If you love garage sales like I do, you should think about this. Use garage sale finder apps like Yardaroo that make finding and paying at sales easy. Tell your social media friends.

  • Buy and sell at garage sales all year
  • Use technology to spread the word
  • Save money and keep more money in our local communities

Let’s make “The Any Time Garage Sale” a reality together!

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Andy Mitchell – Founder & CEO @ Yardaroo

Twitter: @yardaroodude

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