Having a garage sale during a pandemic might sound impossible, but it’s not.  Many people still want to sell things and just as many are eager to buy.

Make no mistake – the COVID-19 pandemic is still dangerous and spreading.  We need to be careful, wearing masks, washing hands and disinfecting touch points.

But we can also continue to live our lives, and this includes trading with one another locally.  Garage sales are a great way to earn extra money and find deals.  Here are 5 tips to have a successful garage sale during the pandemic.

1. Host a virtual garage sale (on Yardaroo of course!)

Virtual garage sales, as opposed to physical one’s, don’t require a street address and no one will come and shop your sale in person.  Instead of attracting customers looking for “garage sales near me,” you can offer local pickup, shipping or delivery options and let buyers shop your sale remotely.

2. Set up a table with items to sell

Just like you would set up any other neighborhood sale, break out the tables and show off your items for sale.  This can be done in a garage, a dining room or wherever you have space.

Virtually shop local sales

Shopping locally has never been easier.

3. Post lots of pictures of your garage sale

On Yardaroo, buyers rummage through pictures and make offers on anything that catches their eye, so take lots of pictures and upload them to your virtual garage sale so buyers can shop with you.

4. Offer shipping and delivery

Allowing shoppers to have items shipped keeps the distance safe for everyone.  If you have a vehicle, you can offer local delivery services and easily add delivery fees right in the app.

Manage local delivery for your rural business with Yardaroo

Offer local delivery

When a local customer buys an item, easily offer local delivery service through Yardaroo.

5. Disinfect products before shipping

It’s simple to wipe down any items that have been purchased with a disinfectant wipe or other method to minimize spread of infections.

By going virtual, we can continue to enjoy shopping local neighborhood sales from the comfort of our own home.

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