Let’s start with a story…

“Once upon a time, there was a nice couple that owned a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

Every day, they would wake up, exercise and walk their dog.

Until one day, a new home they were looking to buy accepted their offer and they had to move.

Because of this, the nice couple needed to quickly sell the things that they didn’t need any more so that their move would go smoothly.

Because of that, the nice couple needed a way to list what was for sale, accept credit cards and notify everyone within 50 miles about the items they were selling.

In the end, they used Yardaroo to sell their belongings, kept 100% of the money and spent their profits on a new boat.”

Sound familiar?

Millions of homeowners across the country downsize and move every year. Hauling everything you own might not be an option. Your best bet is to sell items that you don’t need for a profit.

It’s time to think about running your own estate sale.

There are many reasons to consider running your own estate sale. Let’s think about it together.

Why would you hire a professional estate sale company?

A few answers might be:

  1. Time
  2. Expertise
  3. Relevance

If you don’t have time, aren’t sure what your valuables are worth, or simply don’t care, then hiring an estate sale company is the way to go. They’ll do all of the work like researching the value of items, setting up, tagging and promotion.

EstateSales.Net is a great resource to find estate sale companies near you who can help.


Why not run your estate sale yourself?

Why pay an estate sale company a 30% – 40% commission when you could manage it yourself for free on Yardaroo?

You will keep a lot more money if you run your own estate sale using Yardaroo.

Yardaroo provides all of the tools you need:

  1. Accept all major credit cards
    • Setup is easy. Learn more
    • Approval is immediate. No waiting and no additional hardware.
  2. Allow family and friends to cash out customers
    • Use Cashier Mode to allow friends and family to help with your sale
    • Cashiers don’t even need the app
  3. Automatically notify buyers near you
    • Upload pictures
    • Categorize your items
    • Yardaroo automatically notifies buyers near you about your sale based on their interests.

In the end…

The nice couple at the beginning of our story used Yardaroo to sell their belongings. Instead of paying an estate sale company 30% – 40% commission on sales, they kept 100% of the money and used it on something they would enjoy.

Can it make sense to hire a professional estate sale company to help you manage your estate sale? Given the right circumstances, sure!

However, it is also possible to keep way more money by running your estate sale yourself using the free tools provided by Yardaroo.

How can I list my estate sale on Yardaroo?

Head over to Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for free. List your sale and start selling the right way!

Download Yardaroo on Google Play

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