Yardaroo - Our Team
Andy Mitchell (Founder, CEO), Andrew Then (Co-founder, Business Development)

Yardaroo started from humble beginnings in the summer of 2018. A textbook definition of a bootstrapped startup business, founder and CEO Andy Mitchell invested his life savings and countless hours of development time into the first version of the Yardaroo platform, released in early spring 2019.

Humble beginnings

What started as a simple garage sale finder app quickly turned into a pinnacle of mobile payments technology, driven in large part by co-founder and Director of Business Development Andrew Then. Andrew’s years of experience in the estate sale industry brings to bear unique knowledge and battle-tested product ideas.

The advantage

Domain knowledge combined with decades experience in technology give Yardaroo a distinct tactical advantage over other competitors in the secondhand buy/sell space. The team’s ability to quickly innovate, deploy and disrupt keeps the competition in “catch-up” mode, while continually bringing value to customers around the world.

People first

Yardaroo is a people-first company, building tools that are both meaningful and easy to use by everyone. Inclusive, future-focused and with a strong belief in the power of teams, Yardaroo continues to drive innovation in the local buy/sell space with international ambitions.

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