The hardest thing to sell on Facebook Marketplace is… you guessed it… my mom! (No joke, when I asked in Facebook groups this came up a lot!)

Seriously though, it’s getting harder and harder to sell ANYTHING on Facebook Marketplace. Rampant low balling, bots, unresponsive buyers, no-shows… the list goes on. What has happened to the platform everyone thought was going to change local buying & selling forever?

Facebook Marketplace was never about their users

Let’s be honest – Facebook Marketplace was a corporate money-grab from the beginning. It wasn’t focused on solving any problems for buyers or sellers. It wasn’t designed to provide a good shopping experience for anyone. It was designed to be a part of the Facebook machine.

It’s too “free,” like “$$$ free…”

There’s an inherent problem when your product is too “free,” as in it costs nothing for anyone to use – the quality of the product degrades over time and loses its value. Not just the software or the platform itself, but the quality of users is able to sink way too low. Between people selling used condoms to bots sending obnoxious notifications, the selling experience suffers exponentially for good, honest buyers and sellers. Also, whenever something is free, it’s safe to assume that YOU are the product being sold. Remember that.

So… what is Yardaroo doing about it?

Yardaroo is the polar opposite of Facebook Marketplace. We have set out to solve a very specific & important problem in local buying & selling, and that is bringing more shoppers to local sale events like yours. We also care very, very deeply about both the buying & selling experience on our platform. We don’t have any other motivation than to offer the absolute best buying & selling app available. Period.

Garage sales, estate sales & consignment shops need shopper traffic to succeed. As a seller on Yardaroo, you can easily list your sale event and then attach your own private marketplace to let shoppers browse your items. Shoppers make an offer, pay online and pickup locally at your sale event. You then have the opportunity to sell even more to your shoppers while they pick up. Win/win for everyone.

Our shopping experience is simple with easy-to-use tools that make haggling and communication fun and meaningful. It’s tough to run bots on our platform, so no more spammy “Is this item still available?” messages.

Yardaroo gives buyers a unique shopping-cart based experience that puts our local buying & selling experience on par with the likes of Amazon, Wal-Mart and other secure online retailers. It’s simply a better buying & selling experience for everyone involved.

How do I get started on Yardaroo?

Head over to Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for free. List your sale, build your marketplace and get selling the right way!

Download Yardaroo on Google Play
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