So, you want to sell stuff online?

Selling apps are the best way to sell your stuff. There are dozens of buy and sell websites available to choose from. If you want to know how to sell things online, then you’ll want to know the best apps to sell stuff and how they compare. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Yardaroo – the selling app for physical sale events

Let’s start with yours truly! If you have a lot of used items for sale and are wondering “Where can I sell my stuff locally?” then Yardaroo is your best bet.

Yardaroo is the best app to sell stuff locally. Sellers with local items for sale can market their physical sale event to buyers close-by, increase foot traffic and make more money.

What makes Yardaroo so unique among other for sale apps is that we’re entirely focused on local buying & selling, physical sale events and local pickup. Sellers can list used stuff for sale in their own local private marketplace, buyers can buy used stuff and pickup locally.

Because local private marketplaces are tied to a sale event, and sale events can only run for a certain amount of time, items for sale are always fresh and automatically removed when the sale is over. No more stale items for sale!

Offer Up – swapping w/shipping

The OfferUp app let’s sellers list items for sale online, connect with buyers nearby and meetup to trade. If you want to buy and sell a few items at a time online then the OfferUp app is a good choice.

Sometimes, sellers can forget to remove their items, so you might find yourself making offers on used items for sale…that aren’t for sale any more.

But, they do offer shipping. Check out OfferUp if this sounds right for you.

LetGo – swapping locally

Selling on LetGo is good if you’re looking for a swap-meet style buying & selling experience. Like the OfferUp app, sellers can sell items online and buyers can make offers. Buyers and sellers meet up and trade.

LetGo has tons of ads, so if you find ads really annoying (like we do!) then you might not be too impressed with LetGo. But, if ads don’t bother you, then try it out!

There are lots of buy and sell websites available to choose from. Some are better than others for different things. It really depends on how you plan to sell stuff. If you’re looking to sell a few items and like the meetup-and-swap experience, then the OfferUp app or LetGo online selling website are good choices.

But… if you have LOTS of used items for sale and are planning to run a garage sale, estate sale – or if you own a consignment boutique or antique show – then Yardaroo is the best buy sell app available to you for your needs. Sell in your own local private marketplace, bring in more customers and sell more with the Yardaroo selling platform.

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