Reselling is a fast growing industry where people find great deals on items at garage sales, estate sales and thrift stores and resell the items for a profit.

The business of reselling has been around for a long time, but it’s really picked up steam in the past several years thanks to personalities like Mike Wolfe (American Pickers) and Gary Vaynerchuk and content creators like Commonwealth Picker, The Homeschooling Picker, American Arbitrage and many more.

There are endless opportunities to flip items for a profit online. But what do resellers do with the inventory that doesn’t sell?

The Death Pile

Well, that’s what folks in the industry call a “death pile,” and it’s a critical problem for the reseller’s inventory management that Yardaroo is uniquely positioned to help solve.

The problem with “death piles” is they are typically lower-value lots of items that never get listed and take up valuable space that could be better used for higher-value inventory.

The daunting nature of the death pile makes it impractical to treat these lots of items like higher-value items to sell individually. The time that it takes to prep, list and sell an item isn’t worth the return.

This is where Yardaroo comes into play.

Yardaroo is a buying and selling platform that is laser-focused on moving lots of items quickly. Instead of listing items individually, sellers can take a single picture with lots of items in it and let buyers pick through it virtually.

Buyers can ask questions and make offers securely right in the app. Sellers can request payment and ship items, keeping in contact with buyers through Yardaroo’s integrated messaging and payments system.

Yardaroo Self Checkout

Make it easy

Use Yardaroo Self-Checkout to let your customers securely pay with ease!

  1. Print a Self-Checkout code using the app
  2. Tell your customer the price for their items
  3. They scan the code with their phone, enter the amount and pay with their credit card

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Buyers can make bids on individual items in a picture, or the whole lot.

Save Time, Make Space (and Money!)

This gives sellers a low-overhead, low-commitment and fast way to unload inventory quickly, making space for higher-value items and streamlining their operation for better efficiency.

As always, Yardaroo is free to download and use. Your information is never sold to 3rd parties and payments are secured through Stripe.

Setup takes only minutes, and sellers can upload pictures in bulk, saving loads of time. Yardaroo will even scan and tag your images with brands and search keywords so buyers can find your sale quicker. All for free.

If you’re a reseller managing a death pile and are looking for a time-saving solution to unload lots of items quickly, you owe it to yourself to give Yardaroo a try.

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Andy Mitchell – Founder & CEO @ Yardaroo

Twitter: @yardaroodude

Instagram: @yardaroodude