Facebook Is Not The Only Game In Town For Your Garage Sale

They are the biggest, though.

With close to 1.9 billion daily active users and 59% market share among social media apps, there’s no question that they rule supreme over social media around the world.

But how much does that actually matter?

1.9 billion people on Facebook do not know about your garage sale

So Facebook has a lot of active users. Does that mean that 1.9 billion people know about your garage sale just because you made an event on Facebook?

The answer is No. Not even close.

In fact, the opposite occurs, because Facebook prioritizes click bait over everything else. So by the time your friends, followers and group members see your garage sale post, they’ve already seen a bunch of content that’s put them in a negative mood and they won’t care less about your garage sale (or what you’re selling on Marketplace, or your local business, or anything else for that matter).

Facebook prioritizes click bait over everything else.

So if you’re relying on Facebook to be your end-all-be-all marketing solution for your garage sale, you’re probably not doing yourself any favors.

It’s beneficial to advertise on as many platforms as you can

That’s why it’s so important to advertise on as many platforms as you can. You will be doing yourself a favor by casting a wide net to capture the attention of real customers where they already are.

When you advertise on free platforms like Yardaroo, the people that use these apps do so specifically to find sales like yours. They’re already in the right mindset to shop and spend money with you.

People on Yardaroo want to see your sale because that’s why they’re there!

Yardaroo Self Checkout

Make it easy

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  2. Tell your customer the price for their items
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Cast a wide net

If you’re having a garage sale soon, think about how and where you’re going to advertise it. You can do a lot of advertising for free, just budget enough time to cast as wide a net as you can to capture customers attention.

And don’t put all of your eggs in the Facebook basket.

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Andy Mitchell – Founder & CEO @ Yardaroo

Twitter: @yardaroodude

Instagram: @yardaroodude