Estate sales are so special because they represent a complete home including history, taste and character.

The combination of materials, collectibles and furnishings makes each sale a unique shopping experience.

Some folks liquidate their estate because they’re downsizing or moving.  Some sales happen after a family member has passed on.

Sometimes, this can make shopping sales like these a little uncomfortable for folks.

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If you’re uncomfortable shopping at estate sales, I encourage you to give a second thought.

Home liquidations can be emotional for both buyers and sellers, but it’s an essential step toward closure for the owner and their family.

Taking an active part of that process by visiting an estate sale should feel good. By giving these families your business, more often than not, you’re helping a family move on.

Estate sales take on an important role in the life of a home.  When you shop at them, you are ensuring a legacy for generations to come.

Andrew Mitchell – Founder & CEO at Yardaroo

Twitter: @yardaroodude

Instagram: @yardaroodude