Privacy is a top concern for most of us. How can we protect ourselves from scams, fraud and identity theft? When we want to promote our garage sales online, how can we protect ourselves?

Top 5 tips to protect your privacy online during your garage sale

#1 – Hide your address until your sale starts

Posting your garage sale to a public website with your home address exposed can be uncomfortable. The best thing you can do to keep your privacy safe is hide your address until your sale event actually starts. This way, shoppers can still browse the map to see upcoming sales, but they won’t see exactly where you are.

#2 – Keep strong passwords

Your password is STILL the most important part of keeping your privacy safe online. Some browsers will actually generate strong passwords for you. It’s worth letting the browser generate and store your password than using the same weak password across all of your accounts. If you want more control, give it due diligence and make good, strong passwords.

#3 – Don’t post pictures of people

If you’re taking pictures of your garage sale, make sure there are aren’t any people in the picture, especially shoppers and children! Posting pictures of other people without permission is a violation of their privacy, and posting pictures of kids can be very dangerous. Post pictures of the stuff you’re selling and that’s it.

#4 – Don’t leave your electronic devices unattended

Sometimes when you’re having a sale, you’ll use a laptop or iPad or your mobile phone. Don’t leave your devices laying around! Remember to lock your screens. Never let a stranger use your personal devices.

#5 – Check your financial accounts often during and after your sale

What’s the first thing you do when you come home from vacation? You check your bank account!

Do the same thing during your garage sale. Set up alerts for suspicious activity in your online bank accounts and financial institutions. Check your accounts frequently both during and after your sale and if you see something wrong, report it immediately.

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Following these simple tips will help you safeguard your privacy during and after your garage sale.

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