Local businesses are under constant threat by big box retailers like WalMart and online giants like Amazon. Mega corporations suck the life out of local communities with the promise of cheap products and free shipping.

But everything has a cost. And the cost for those cheaper products and free shipping is our small town way of life.

As predatory corporations continue to drive local retailers out of business, a vacuum of opportunity is created. Jobs disappear, wealth disappears, family owned businesses close and our small town way of life is eventually erased.

A cultural shift needs to occur. We as consumers must decide to end our support for invasive corporate retailers and begin putting our money back into our local communities by supporting local businesses again. It’s critical to the survival of our identity and way of life.

In a garden, if there are no nutrients for the plants, the plants will die. The same holds true for local businesses; without local consumer support, local businesses die.

Local business - Long live local business!

Some people might say “Well, if they can’t compete then they should die!”

Some people might say “Well, if they can’t compete then they should die!,” but the truth is that is exactly what we don’t want to happen. We want a thriving local business community, supported by a strong local customer base.

Local business = less taxes for YOU

Do you think that mega retailers like Amazon and WalMart pay their fair share of local taxes in your town or village? Think again. These mega corporations use predatory business and legal tactics to pay way less in local taxes than local businesses.

Who cares? Stuff is cheap at WalMart!

Local business - pay your taxes son

When WalMart pays less in taxes, who pays the difference? The answer is you.

If WalMart is paying less taxes, and local programs like health and education need funding, who pays the difference? The answer is you.

You will pay MORE in taxes because WalMart pays LESS.

A local budget is what it is, so when one party pays less, the other must pay more. Extend this to include roads/infrastructure, food/health programs, outreach programs, etc.

When you shop with corporate retailers, you’ re paying them to screw you over in the long run.

Local business = better customer service

Local business owners are your neighbors. They go to the same church as you do. They BBQ in the same parks as your family does.

When business owners and their workers live near customers and interact with them face to face, they provide infinitely better and personalized customer service.

Have you ever had to request a refund on Amazon or Facebook? Not fun.

Local business - customer service is kind of a big deal

Need a refund from Ted at the local hardware store? “Let me give you your money back, and here’s a 10% off coupon for you trouble.” – Ted, local hardware store owner.

Local business = local re-investment

When local businesses thrive, they tend to hire local people to fill positions at their company. They hire local contractors to help build expansions. Neighborhood kids looking for summer jobs and internships can count on local business. People in need of a second job look to local businesses, because their main corporate job doesn’t pay enough.

Everywhere you look, when your local community needs a boost, local businesses provide.

Youth sports, church fundraisers and charities

Local businesses play a critical role in fundraising and support for your favorite local activities. Everything from sponsoring your nephews baseball team to buying ads in local newspapers, local businesses are there.

When you donate $5 – $10 for a local event or charity, a local business somewhere near you might be donating $1000+. In return, we as shoppers owe it to local businesses to give them our loyalty and support.

Can Yardaroo help?

One of our big mission goals at Yardaroo is to bring more shopping dollars into small towns and villages from surrounding towns and big cities.

When folks list their sales on Yardaroo, they have the potential to bring in shoppers from outside their own town or village to come spend money locally. The increase in “shopping tourism” will have a huge positive impact on local retailers, service providers and restaurants.

Just imagine your small town, with dozens of garage sales on Yardaroo, bringing in hundreds or thousands of shopping tourists every day to experience your local shops and restaurants.

It’s a beautiful vision, and it can be done!

Local businesses, people selling at garage sales and smart shoppers all play a part in a healthy local economy (TLDR)

Local businesses, people selling at garage sales and local shoppers can create a new type of reuse-based economic system where local businesses and their communities thrive.

People having local sale events like garage sales and estate sales help bring fresh shopping traffic every day by selling their unique and interesting stuff on Yardaroo. Shoppers can travel to new places for get great deals and experience local culture in nearby towns and villages.

Stronger local communities, a stronger local economy and a growth model for small towns and villages across America.

How do I get started on Yardaroo?

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