Climate change solutions are a big focus for many tech startups today. And rightfully so! We want to leave behind a planet that is in great condition for generations to come. We should all want that, whether you have kids or not.

Lots of smart people with great ideas

Many people with lots of good ideas on how to address climate change are busy day in and day out to discover and test their solutions. From developing renewable energy sources to reforestation and everything in between, there are some really smart people working on really big, awesome projects to preserve and conserve our planet.

But what about us?

Should we just count on the smart people “over there” to do all of the work? Or should we be doing more? Can we do more? What’s the point?

Well, we do some stuff to fight climate change…

We recycle (most of us anyway). We have gardens and plant trees and run our dogs through nature preserves. We eat organic tofu.

…but, we’re still trying to keep up with the Combses.

Keep up with the Combses

We also have, and insist on having, brand new everything. This dated (and in the face of climate change, toxic) consumer mindset is a huge blocker to real and long lasting progress.

Not only is it the prime directive of Yardaroo to get many more people shopping for used goods just like they might shop at WalMart or on Amazon, but it’s something that we can all do with very little effort that would have a tremendous impact in our global effort to slow, if not reverse, climate change.

How is buying secondhand a climate change solution?

By itself, it’s not. None of them are, even the most awesome ideas out there will require comprehensive change. But, none of the climate change solutions being worked on will hold long term without a drastic reduction in carbon emissions and solid landfill waste, particularly non-biodegradable plastic packaging.

Keurig cups

And when you think about it, it makes a ton of sense – what’s the point of transitioning to completely renewable green energy if we’re still pumping tons of carbon and Styrofoam peanuts into the environment to deliver your case of non-biodegradable Keurig cups overnight from Amazon?

What can we do?

The answer is simple, but not easy. Every single one of us, young and old, rich and poor, need to buy new stuff online way less and start buying used stuff locally way more.

Where can I shop for used stuff?

Garage sales, estate sales and consignment shops are a great place to start. You will find name brand used clothes, cars, electronics, appliances – available in great condition – at any given estate sale. Consignment shops usually filter out the low end stuff and sell the really good stuff, so if you’re a fashionista looking for that unique “something,” then your local consignment shop is a great choice.

Conclusion (TLDR)

If each of us shopped for used stuff just 10% of the time consistently, we would be helping in the fight against climate change in a BIG way. We don’t even need to be rocket scientists to do it, just smart shoppers.

How do I get started on Yardaroo?

Head over to Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for free. List your sale, build your marketplace and get selling the right way!

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