Garage sale near me now – what to look for in a garage sale finder app.

There are dozens of garage sale finder apps available. All of varying degrees value. When you ask google to find garage sales near you, you’ll get good results but then you have to do a bunch of work to map them out and get directions. Even then, you can’t shop the garage sale ahead of time online! What’s the value in that?

You should be using an app to do all of this work for you. Here are the top 5 things the best garage sale finder app should do for you for free:

1. Find garage sales near you quickly & put them on a map

This is a no-brainer! The best app will save you time by aggregating sales nearby and putting them on an interactive map for you.

2. Let you create a route – in the app!

The best app will let you create routes right in the app. If the app kicks you out to a different map app, then it’s not a good app. Period.

3. Easily search for merchandise that interests you

Allowing you to search for stuff that actually interests you is key. The best apps automate keyword generation using artificial intelligence (AI) so that you can find EXACTLY what you’re looking for, not just categories of stuff like “Antiques” or “Household.”

4. Make purchases in the app

What’s the point of using an app that doesn’t let you shop online? You should be able to see products, ask questions and make purchases right in the app.

5. Rate sellers

Good sellers should be rewarded, bad sellers should be flagged. This helps keep everyone honest. If an app doesn’t allow seller rating, how can buyers trust it?

Yardaroo is the best garage sale finder app available

The only app on the market that covers all 5 of these things is Yardaroo! If you’re serious about buying and selling at garage sales you need to use Yardaroo. It’s fast, free and simple.

How do I get started on Yardaroo?

Head over to Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for free. List your sale, build your marketplace and get selling the right way!

Download Yardaroo on Google Play