Does your garage sale need images, really?

Yes! Images increase interest in your garage sale by orders of magnitude! Well… the jury’s out on the exact figure, but you get the point!

Most folks shop with their eyes. If they can see what your selling, they’re more likely to shop at your garage sale. Pictures help shoppers get an idea of what types of items your selling. So, clean pictures of full tables of stuff is totally OK! As long as the shopper can zoom in and get an idea of the items you’re selling, it’s a win!

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How can I add pictures to my Yardaroo listing?

Uploading pictures is so easy, anyone can do it! You can select and upload multiple pictures at a time, which saves you time and makes adding pictures a cinch!

How much does it cost to add images?

Uploading images is FREE! Our free-tier, basic sale event includes up to 10 free images. If you need more, no problem! You can upgrade your garage sale to PRO and upload up to 40 images, plus a ton of great promotional value with our broadcast and paid ads services!

My garage sale isn’t until this weekend and I don’t have pictures yet…

It’s all good! You can upload pictures straight from your phone any time. Once your garage sale is all set up, bust out your mobile device and get your picture-game on!

You can take several pictures and upload all at the same time, or upload one picture at a time. Totally up to you!

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