Writing a great description for your next secondhand sale event isn’t as hard as you think, and putting in the effort can pay dividends!

Everyone is focused on saving time anywhere that we can. Whether we’re shopping at a super market or planning a garage sale, we want to be as efficient as possible. A lot of times, this results in corner-cutting and that is usually not a good thing!

When listing your secondhand sale online or in the classifieds, the first victim of corning-cutting is almost always the description. This is a huge mistake!

Of the shoppers that Yardaroo recently polled, 47% favored a good description of the sale event over pictures. That’s almost 50% of shoppers, and a poorly written description will turn them away!

If writing a great description for your next secondhand sale isn’t a top priority, it should be.

Here are some tips to write a great description for your garage sale without spending a lot of time:

  1. What are you selling?
    • Household items? Vintage collectibles? Antiques? Baby & kid items? Be specific here. If you are selling name-brand items, hard-to-find items or big lots of items, say so!
  2. How is your pricing?
    • Everything must go? High-end? Something for everyone? Let shoppers know what to expect in terms of pricing.
  3. What type of payments do you accept?
    • All major credit cards with Yardaroo? Cash only? PayPal/Venmo/Square? Let shoppers know how flexible your payments are.

And that’s it! If you can cover these 3 topics in your secondhand sale event description, you will capture more attention from enthusiastic treasure hunters who want to buy your stuff!