Writing a great title for your garage sale is just as important as posting lots of pictures. Think of it like a one-two punch; your title will draw shoppers in, then your pictures will do the rest. Designing a fantastic title is very important, and not as hard as you might think!

The key is to find the main thing that your yard sale is all about. Are you selling a lot of baby stuff? Instead of writing a title like “Baby stuff, come see” you might write “Gently used baby items, 0 month to toddler, clothes, toys & furniture.” Selling tools? Instead of “Tools for sale” think of “Handyman paradise! Power tools, hand tools, assorted fasteners and more!”

When writing a great title for your garage sale, your title should be concise, draw shoppers attention and get them to look at your pictures. People shop with their eyes, but a great title will be the first thing they see. Make a great title for your yard sale and you’re on your way to having a great second-hand sale event!

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