Take payments in person or in the app

Accepting credit cards just got a whole lot easier! With Yardaroo Payments, you can easily accept all major credit cards at your next second-hand sale event. No additional hardware is necessary. You and your buyer don’t need any special accounts. Just simple credit card transactions and your money goes straight to your connected bank account or debit card. Easy, fast and secure.

It’s so easy, anyone can use Yardaroo Payments.

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How does it work?

To capture a payment, the seller will enter an amount and generate a bar code. The seller presents the bar code to the buyer to scan. The buyer scans the bar code and will be taken to a checkout screen where they enter their own credit card information. Once the transaction is successful, both seller and buyer will get a notification that the sale is complete. The buyer will receive an email receipt, and the seller can check their earnings in the app to verify the payment. Simple!

Getting set up is easy!

Log into your account and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to get set up with Yardaroo Payments. All you need is a debit card or bank account that Yardaroo can send your payouts to, it’s that easy!


Your security means everything to us. Yardaroo does not store ANY of your sensitive card, bank or personal information. All data is encrypted and transmitted over secure HTTPS protocol. Our payments provider holds the most stringent level of PCI certification available, PCI Service Provider Level 1.


Buying is always free! There are no fees when you buy on Yardaroo, so shop away at your favorite local sale events!

Our commission rate is a simple flat 8% per transaction.**

No hidden costs. For the simplicity and convenience that our payments system provides for you, this rate is competitive and fair. Yardaroo provides you with access to enthusiastic shoppers that are looking to buy what you are selling! Use our platform as an integrated payments solution for your sale events and earn more.

**Subscription customers enjoy a lower commission rate of 6%

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated payments gives your shoppers a better buying experience
  • Easy to use, no hardware necessary
  • Competitive commissions, no hidden costs
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Earnings go straight to your bank account or debit card
  • 1-2 day processing for fast access to your money**


For sellers, once a transaction is complete and the payment is successful, a payout is initiated. A payout is when Yardaroo sends money to your connected debit card or bank account. The payout amount will be for the transaction amount minus fees.

Transaction amount is $100

$(100.00 * .08) = $8.00

Your payout would be:
$100.00 - $8.00 = $92.00


After a successful payment is completed, your funds will be available in your connected bank account or debit card within approximately 1-2 business days of a transaction.

**NOTE: For security purposes, your first payout will be deposited to your connected bank account or debit card within 7 (seven) business days. All payouts after that will be deposited within 1-2 business days.

How do I get started on Yardaroo?

Head over to Apple App Store or Android Play Store and download the app for free. List your sale, build your marketplace and get selling the right way!

Download Yardaroo on Google Play