by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo

The art of the side hustle is the most important concept to grasp in today’s economy. As wages continue to stagnate and upward mobility is stifled, finding fulfilling/meaningful work to do on the side is becoming increasingly more important to establish financial independence and happiness.

Your regular job, on it’s own, might not be enough to support you and/or your family. Or maybe your regular job is enough and you just want to have fun and make money on your own terms doing something on the side.

What can you do? Do what the big kids do and diversify!

Diversify your success portfolio

What on earth is a success portfolio?

I just made it up. But, you can think of it like a folder of all the things that bring you success. Work, relationships, kids, etc.

In the “Work” department, you want to add things that make you money and bring value to the other aspects of your success portfolio.

This is where the side hustle comes in. You have your regular job, then you have things that you do on the side that make extra money. That “extra thing” is what’s known as a side hustle.

Here is a book about it.

How does Yardaroo fit in?

With Yardaroo, you get something like “on-demand money.” Follow me on this one…

Say you have a garage full of stuff that you’re not using anymore. You could organize your items, price them and then have a garage sale every weekend until it’s all cleared out. You use Yardaroo as your platform, accept credit card payments and have money deposited straight to your bank account. Direct deposit, just like a job (kind of).


There is also a movement happening right now that’s all about going to other people’s garage sales and buying items cheap, then re-selling them at a profit. It’s a thing, and it’s awesome.

Now, traditionally this has been supported by platforms like EBay and Letgo, which is great (we love both of those platforms!), but now add Yardaroo to the mix and you have the triumvirate of side hustle awesomeness!

Where other apps help you sell online or at a meetup, Yardaroo let’s you easily host actual physical sale events. You would still flip items online using these other great platforms, but then you can also sell on-site physically in your garage or wherever. That’s powerful.

How do I get started?

First, you need to decide what type of sale event you’re going to have. Do you have a garage? Can you invite people indoors? Do you live in an area with decent weather for a yard sale? There are several different types of sale events you can have, check this out for more information.

Once you know what type of sale event you’ll host, you can start organizing your items for sale. This is a fairly comprehensive list of do’s and dont’s to get you up to speed.

Pick date’s and times and list your event on Yardaroo. If you have pictures, post them. If not, you can always take pics the day of the sale and post them then.

Share your sale event listing on social media. Anywhere that you can share a website link, share it!

If you plan on flipping like a pimp, start going to other people’s sales and picking up items cheap. Here’s a list of best-sellers to get you started.

Do your own research and have fun with this! People are making a ton of money hosting sale events and selling their old gear or flipping items they find at other sales.

The art of the side hustle is yours to explore and make your own!

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