by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo

Treasure hunting is a lot of fun!  Thrift shopping, antiquing and making a day of garage sales takes planning and a resourceful eye to make it a success.  But where do you start?  Classifieds?  Facebook groups?  Websites? 

There are so many options available to choose from, how do you decide what service will provide you the most value for your time investment?

Your time is precious

Every moment counts!  Technology is meant to free up our time so that we can enjoy more life.  As providers of technology, it’s our job to look at tasks that eat up too much of your time and develop solutions to maximize your investment.  And it is an investment! 

When you’re deciding which service to use to put together your next treasure hunting adventure, the option that saves you the most time is the most valuable.

How can Yardaroo help?

Plan ahead

Discovering thrift sales, adding them to an itinerary and mapping out directions can take a lot of time, especially if you’re doing it the old fashioned way. Poring through local classifieds is time consuming work and usually only covers your immediate area.

With Yardaroo, we not only provide an amazing map-based discovery experience, but we give you in-app GPS navigation to get you from sale event to sale event.  This alone is a MASSIVE time-saver! Not to mention the size of your search area is way bigger with Yardaroo! You can look into other towns or even further for sales that interest you.

Conveniently pay with your credit card

Making an extra stop at the ATM will take up more time that you could spend sight-seeing or getting a burger at a local eatery.

With Yardaroo, sale events can sign up to accept credit card payments right in the app!  Leave your cash at home and skip the ATM. Use the time you save to explore new towns and enrich your treasure hunting adventure!

Get alerts sent straight to your inbox

Nothing saves more time than being notified the moment a sale event that you’re interested in is posted.  Set up custom rules and get instant notification when new sale events are listed in your area.

What about folks hosting sale events?

Yardaroo brings so much value to sale event hosts…there is truly nothing out there that compares.

Easy-to-use listing process

You can list your sale event with Yardaroo in less than 2 minutes, no exaggeration.  A few easy steps and you’re on the map!

Easily accept credit cards

Signing up to accept credit cards through the app is painlessly easy and fast.  Just tell us where to send your money and you’re ready to sell.  The charge limit is $999,999.99… so you can be pretty creative with what types of items you sell!

Some other great perks with processing payments through the app:

  • Low transaction fees (currently 4.7% per transaction)
  • Money is deposited directly to a debit card or your bank account
  • Fast availability – money is transferred to your account with 2 days of a transaction

What’s next?

We are constantly improving Yardaroo to provide maximum value for our customers.  Whether it’s researching new features or listening to your feedback, we actively look for exciting and useful ways to save you time while you enjoy the best parts of treasure hunting!  

Enjoy your next adventure with Yardaroo!

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