by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo

It’s early in the week and you’re planning a garage sale for the coming weekend.  You are thinking of all of the websites and apps that you can use to get the word out and you’re not sure where to start…

Yardaroo is a great place to start when you are ready to advertise your sale. Our app helps you optimize your time investment so that you can focus on selling and having a great time!

We’ll dive into some detail in the next section, let’s roll!

Why Yardaroo? I already use ____ app…

Yardaroo is different from any other app out there. If you’re using Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Letgo, etc., then you know that those platforms are amazing for selling single items. You’ll typically either ship an item somewhere or schedule a meetup to complete a transaction or swap.

We actually encourage you to keep using these great services! I know that sounds strange, but we don’t necessarily “compete” with any of these apps… we work side-by-side with them to provide you with a broader range of options to sell your second-hand items faster and easier.

The biggest difference is that the Yardaroo platform is all about the physical sale event. You are putting lots of stuff out for sale in your garage, or estate, or where ever. Yardaroo is all about selling lots of items at a physical location, where other apps typically focus on selling single items online.

Monetize your efforts

Yardaroo exists solely to help you have a successful thrift sale!  We’ve packed our app full of useful features to make your next sale a big hit!

Accept credit card payments 

Accepting credit card payments through our app is painlessly simple.  No need to worry whether you and your customers both have PayPal or Venmo or whatever.  You can simply capture a payment and it goes directly to the bank account or debit card of your choice.  Simple transactions with no additional hardware required!  Watch this video to see how it works.

In-app routing & GPS

For a treasure hunter, nothing is more fun than poring over points on a map and discovering new places to explore (& shop)! You want to be on the map so that people can find you!

When you list your sale with Yardaroo you are automatically included in map search results!

Send notifications

Shoppers can set up notifications to get alerted any time a new sale event in their area is happening. That means that when you host a sale event with us, if people in your area are set up to receive notifications, they will get an email sent straight to their inbox with all of your information included.

Yardaroo helps you directly market your sale to people who already want to know when and where it’s happening! Super powerful and valuable for you.

Share your listing on social media

You’ll get a pleasantly designed listing page that looks great on any device.  Easily share on social media and get more attention for your sale!

Add a title

Hook customers with a good title! Available with any tier sale event.

Get specific with tags

Selling a lot of unique items? Want to let people know what exactly you’re selling?

Easily tag your sale with the types of items you’re selling.  This allows shoppers to narrow their search based on exactly the types of items they want!

Add as many tags as you like.  Use our preset tags or enter your own for even more customization.

Say it with pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words.  Upload photos to show customers what you’re selling.

On/off switch

Need to temporarily disable your garage sale?  No worries.  Update your sale event any time.

So simple, there’s no reason not to take Yardaroo for a spin

You can spend your priceless time posting your garage sale to a dozen different websites and apps, but why make your life harder rather than easier?

Start using Yardaroo and simplify your selling experience!  Get the tools and features that you need to make more money at your garage sale today.

Are you ready to get started?  Sign up today:

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