by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo

Notifications are the best way to know when a new sale event is happening.  Setting them up is easy and once they’re set, you’ll by notified any time a new sale event that is selling the items that you’re interested is posted.  Setting up notifications is FREE!

Where do I set notifications?

First, go to the app and either log in or create a new accountRemember, creating an account is free and we don’t ask for any personal information that we don’t need!

Next, under Settings press the Manage Notifications button.  You will be taken to a panel that looks like this:

Notification Rules Panel
Notification Rules Panel

Once you’re here, press the Create New Notification Rule button.  This will pull up a quick form panel for you to complete:

Notification Rule Form Modal
Notification Rule Form Modal

Simply fill out the form and press Save.

In the background, this will take your current approximate location and determine every zip/postal code within your desired radius.

When folks post sale events with items that you’re interested in within any zip/postal code set in your rules, you’ll receive an alert message from Yardaroo.  The alert will contain sale event details and a link to the sale event listing page.

Watch a quick YouTube video to learn more –

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