by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo


If you’ve seen our ads on social media, you might be asking yourself “What exactly is Yardaroo?”  That is a great question! Let’s try to unpack it here.

Yardaroo is the app that helps you discover, route and pay at local thrift sales. Folks “host” a thrift sale (like a yard sale or garage sale) for free or for a small fee, and thrifty adventure seekers use our app to discover and get directions from one sale event to the next.  We like to say that “Yardaroos hop from one sale to the next!”

Folks can plan an entire day of adventure with our app!

One of the coolest features of Yardaroo is that it allows people hosting sale events to accept credit cards on site!  There’s no card swiper or additional hardware necessary, and the person hosting the sale event never touches your card!  You simply scan a barcode with your phone and pay.  It’s that simple!

Yardaroo also features in-app GPS navigation, so you can use it in your vehicle hands-free!  Simply select all of the sale events you want to visit, press the Get Directions button and let our app tell you where to turn!   We’ll let you know when you’ve arrived at a sale event and when you’ve safely returned home, too!

How does it work?

Using Yardaroo to plan your next adventure is super easy!  Just follow a few simple steps and you’re ready to Yardaroo!

Yardaroo is FREE to use!

We only ask basic information about where and when you’d like to start your adventure and we don’t ask any personal information. 

You don’t even need to set up an account to use the app!

Stuff that makes Yardaroo go vroom!

We recommend letting us have access to your location in the browser for the best experience!  We use it to set up the navigation system and get the starting point of your adventure.

If you would like to use our in-app barcode scanner to pay at a sale event, we’ll need to ask permission to use your camera (Android users only at this time).  Or if you’d like to use your favorite barcode scanner app on your mobile device, that’s cool too!  We’re flexible 😉

Do you want the true app experience?  Install the app from your homescreen (Android) or press “Add To Homescreen” in Safari on iOS!


Yardaroo is the app that helps you find local sale events. Folks “host” a sale event (like a yard sale) for free or for a small fee, and thrifty adventure seekers use our app to discover and get directions from one sale event to the next. 

Our app is packed full of cool features like in-app GPS and mobile payments!  It’s super easy to use and a lot of fun!

We ask for some basic device permissions and recommend that you allow us to access them for the best experience.

Add Yardaroo to your mobile device home screen for a “real app” experience! 

Ready to plan your next adventure?

Get started today!

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