by Andy Mitchell (CEO/Founder, @Yardaroo

What Is a Sale Event?

In the world of Yardaroo, the sale event is the main attraction!  People can host a sale event, and then shoppers (or Yardaroos, as we like to call them!) can search for sale events in their area and find treasures that they’re interested in.

A sale event can be any short-term (1 – 3 days), location-based sale where the host (the person having the sale) is selling lots of items.  This is where Yardaroo is different than all of the other apps out there. Where eBay and Craigslist might be great for selling single items, Yardaroo is great for selling lots of items!

Types of Sale Events:

  1. Yard Sales – The most popular sale event on Yardaroo!  Gather items from around the house that you’re not using anymore, set up some tables outside and sell, sell, sell!
  2. Estate Sales – These are amazing treasure troves that many adventurers and thrift shoppers seek out.  These are usually managed by a company, but can also be hosted by an individual on Yardaroo.
  3. Barn Sales – These are very unique sales and are usually run like a marketplace with individual vendors selling everything from arts & crafts to perishable foods, candles, etc.
  4. Rummage Sales – Fun & thrifty, these are usually fund raiser events run by local churches and charities where most of the items for sale are donated.
  5. Garage Sales – Like a yard sale, except usually held under some residential structure like a garage.  Perfect for cold weather sales!
  6. Antique/Consignment/Thrift – These sale events are hosted by small businesses who sell collectible, second-hand and rare items.

On Yardaroo, you can host any of these types of sale events for FREE!  When you’d like to enhance your experience with cool features like photos and accepting credit cards, you can easily upgrade to either a PRO or PREMIUM tier sale event any time.

What Do I Get When Hosting a Sale Event?

All sale event tiers include a beautiful web page that you can share on social media!

You will also be included in search results and get a marker on the map.  Yardaroos use these markers to add sale events to their list and to get directions from one sale event to the next.  This is the best part of Yardaroo, because the more people in your area who are hosting sale events with us, the more traffic YOUR sale event will get just by being on the map!

Setting up a sale event is easy and fast!

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