Tools for buyers

Using Yardaroo to find garage sales and estate sales is fun, free and simple.

Easily send messages to make deals with sellers. Follow your friends and your favorite sellers and never miss out on another sale.

Securely pay with your credit card at any sale that offers Yardaroo Express Checkout. Securely store your preferred payment methods and speed up your checkout experience at garage sales and estate sales.

Shop online marketplaces for on-site liquidation sales like estate sales, garage sales, warehouse and auction house liquidations and much more. Shop virtually, pay using YardarooPay.

Tools for sellers

When you partner with Yardaroo, we put our technology to work for you right away, saving you time and helping you increase sales potential.

We will automatically scan your images for brands and items featured in your pictures and tag your sale with search keywords. When buyers search for what you’re selling, they’ll be able to find you easily with no extra work for you.

Yardaroo will automatically notify your followers any time you list a new sale.

Yardaroo Express Checkout is a simple Point Of Sale solution, allowing you to securely accept pure credit card payments using your own smart device. Registration is easy and takes only minutes.

Accept credit cards at your sale instantly and offer Yardaroo Express Checkout along with any of your existing payment methods for even more flexibility!

If you have multiple people helping with your sale, you will love our innovative Cashier Manager. Quickly assign cashiers and allow them to securely cash out customer using your main account. No account or download necessary for your cashiers.

Become a Premium Member for lower transaction fees and other great benefits that will help you save even more time and drive more sales your way!

*Transaction fees apply when accepting credit card payments through Yardaroo Express Checkout

Ready to get started?

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What is Yardaroo?

Yardaroo is the all-in-one mobile app solution for on-site liquidation sales like garage sales, estate sales, warehouse and auction house liquidations and retail pop-up sales. Our innovative messaging system allows buyers to ask questions or make offers on multiple items within a single picture, enabling sellers who have large lots of items to quickly upload pictures and sell more without the need to itemize individual product listings.

Why Should I Use Yardaroo?

The benefits of using Yardaroo for your garage sale in terms of time-savings and increased profits is exponential. Any type of on-site liquidation sale where there are lots of items and high turnover can use our technology to sell more quickly.

What Is Yardaroo Express Checkout?

Yardaroo offers an integrated and intuitive point of sale (POS) system that is accessible to anyone, from the part-time seller to professionals and small businesses.  Yardaroo Express Checkout is an on-site Point Of Sale (POS) system that works on any smart device. It only takes minutes to set up and enables you to accept all major credit cards instantly from your smart device.

Can I Add Cashiers?

Most sales have multiple people working it, whether they are family members, friends or employees.  Yardaroo’s Cashier Manager enables you to allow other people to securely accept credit card payments under your account, scaling your checkout process instantly.  P.S. – your helpers don’t even need a Yardaroo account to be a cashier!

What’s Next For Yardaroo

Yardaroo is about community building and bringing robust technology to garage sales and estate sales.  With Yardaroo, you can connect with friends, family, buyers and sellers, send messages and get notifications about sales automatically. All for free! 

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